Monday, July 17, 2006

A lie by the Prez, sigh

Today at G-8 statement about Israel, Prez Bush said:
"the cause of the conflict is Hezbollah, they captured 2 israel soldier, and fired hundreds of missles into israel"

lets check this. apparently. At first Hezbollah only " captured 2 israel soldier", "fired hundreds of missles into israel" only happens after Israel's missle attack on Lebanon. And dont forget b4 all the captured israel soldiers, it was israel who fired missles into Gaza, killed women and kids, couse Hummas to take hostage of one israel soldier.

So, Let me ask you, is "self-defense " a silver bullet, and allow you to use disproportional forces?

Look back at Iran hostage crisis, 40 something US citizens got captured, did US try to fire missles into iran? NO, if you read history, US did try to use special force to rescue hostage, but obviouly not a invasion style. Why can't israel do the same?

Now look at israel, what they did, its like "geesh, this guy steal me 100 bucks in the street, for my self-defense, i need to kill him". Do you agree?

No wonder Arabian world are hostile towards US and Britain, coz they never can rely on them for their protection and justice, if US want a peaceful middle east, and want to build bridges between western and arabian world, at first step, be fair, stop protecting israel to a degree of unfair and unjustice. US want to stand at high standard, bias won't do it. And this is another excuse for extremely islamic group to recruit terrorists, and you better believe it.

Bush made many mistakes, I would really like to think he had a good will, but made the wrong judgement and choice. This time, its totally wrong, sounds like his will is not to give arabian justice at the first place at all. Again, what do you expect? Arabian terrorists? they came from some cause and somewhere, not jump out of a rock with no reason, want to solve the terrorism? solve the cause!


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