Sunday, July 23, 2006

Israel, self defense

Did you ever see a guy who act self-defense in clear knowledge that he will be killed?
Look at numbers: in "self defense" israel killed 300+ lebanese ppl, as well as dozen of their own ppl, dont tell me "israel didnt know it when they decide to bomb lebanon", oh, please.
Israel want to distroy Hezbollah? Do they know Hezbollah is a organization deeply rooted in the population of Lebanon? Let me ask you, if you physically torture a small guy, do you think he will not hate you? you might be able to distroy Hezbollah this times, as Rice suggested (she clearly being ignorant here), 30 years later, do you think there will not be a Hezbollan2? Hezbollan 3? or Hezgollan, whatever their name would be? The more israel bomb lebanon, more lebonese ppl hate israel, the more groups like Hezbollan formed, are out word leader too smart to see this simple logic? Lord bless these ppl without brains, like, say, German's new female Chancellor.


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