Monday, June 05, 2006

Think about republican far right religeous ppl

so called "core" Republican base.
Whenever they need these ppls' votes, they throw out gay marriage ban, altho they know there is no hope to pass, and even their own senators against it. (maybe thats also why some republican senators vote against it, so they can use this issue again and again and again)
When they are not facing election, since they know these stupid ban would not pass anyway, so they don't even bother to introduce and bill about it.
So, what exactly are these so called "base" are?
Simple, they are brainless idiots who fall in carl rove's trap again and again and again until they die and burn in hell because of their intolerance (God says: who do you think you are, you think you know me? How dare you, goto hell, HAHAHAHAHA)

I won't try to explain why this gay marriage ban is ridiculous and stupid, because this post is for these idiot "republican core base", who don't bother to learn history and logical thinking.

For those of you who can think, discrimination should be dissappearing from the comstitution, not adding to it. US being strong by being diverse and attract diverse ppl, not by make US to a white, oldboy club.


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