Thursday, June 08, 2006

Poll show 67% american people think estate tax is unfair and should be repealed

says Sen. Jon Kyle (R), how stupid,
1. People is stupid and sensetive about the word "tax", they are cheated by your republicans to think this is death tax and everybody is required to pay it when they die. but the fact is: this tax is need to be paied only by those who inherit more than 2 million dollars from their rich family, This tax only tax Top 1.17% rich people, poor people don't pay it at all!!
2. To be simple, estate tax is "rip top 1% rick people off, and use these money to help poor people"
3. Shameless Jon Kyle, whenever he like the poll result, he use it, whenever he dislike poll result, he ignores it, how about poll show majority American people don't want constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage? Jon Kyle, how about that poll?
4. Shameless Jon Kyle, cheating poor people, giving big treat to Top 1% rich people, do you think this kind of doing will send you to hell or heaven?


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