Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bravo, Busby

She got 45% of the vote, vs. short term resident republican Brian, Bilbray, Don't be upset, Mrs Busby, You know CA50 is a rediculously place with concentrated dum republicans around.
Let me ask these Repubs who vote for Bilbray:
1. You can vote for a guy who move to your neighbourhood just months ago to represent you? what if he is gay? how much do you know him at all? from TV ads? How low you have to be to not able to see things with your eyes, put aside you idological mindset which is only good for repub dums who are 60+ older.
2. Apparently you don't care about these repubs exchange power for money, so what kid of human being are you guys?
3. You always look at what republican politicians say, never check what they do, do you think its to dum for you to keep doing like this? or you just too dum to realize this?
4. Those latinos who vote for him, you gonna be rounded up and sent to a small island in case of war with any latino country, cause "you are the spy", according to republican's anti-terror pre-emptive strike policy. you guys are dummer than ever.


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