Friday, March 31, 2006

Who really luv Terrorists? Dem or Repu

Carl Rove said Dem has pre-911 mindset, and that makes them wrong. So what he means is "Repu. has post-911 mindset, and that make them right".
My question is 'This so called post-911 mind make republicans right on what?'
If you look at what heppened, you know the answer,, this "post 911 mindset" make republicans right on how to make political gain.
First, altho republicans has "post-911" mind, they apparent did nothing to kill bin laden, who is in nowhere in Iraq.
Second, since they didnt do nothing about Bin Laden, why they talk 911 so much? You must find out already, whenever they did something unlawful or wrong, they put out 911, and attack the people who descenting, accuse them has pre911 mindset, see, whenever they talk about post-911, they get political gain-in expense of people's fear-and actually did nothing to eliminate the terrorists.
Bush said himself that Bin Laden's comment days before the 2004 election helped him geting re-elected. Is there anything more obvious that republicans really luv terrorists coz they help they get political gain at the expense of people's liberty and fear?


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