Wednesday, March 29, 2006

schocking stupid

Just listening to Springer On the Radio. A caller call in to defend the ivasion of iraq, he said:
the war is pre-emptive strike, coz Suddam's friends did 9/11.
when Jerry told him the Suddam had nothing to do with 9/11.
the caller said, Suddam is "Islamic extremist." so he must be dangerous.
Im so shocked that there is ppl so badly educated that looks like he never took any history lesson.
Does he know that "Suddam's government is a secular government", the coz of Iraq-Iran war is just a example about how islamic country (Iran) dislike Suddam. Coz He is SECULAR, NOT ISLAMIC EXTREMIST!
These stupid ppl, does not know nothing about world history, shamelessly produce fake reasons, and they can get away with it, this exactly show how stupid these who believe them are. plz, if you are ignorant, go back home read some history before you make stupid conclusions.


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