Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Laura Ingraham invite NBC to broadcast from Iraq, Telifa

Telifa, forgive me for my spelling, i might be wrong on it, but this is the city president cited as example that shows the "good situation", I just wonder Ms. Laura Ingraham,(she went to Telifa for a live broadcast of her radio talkshow)
1. Rather than go to a small, un-named, unknow town Telifa, how about goto Bagdad for broadcasting? Bagdad is capital, that should show more "whole picture", right?
2. She kept saying she talk to iraqi alot, and she learn the real situation on the ground, at the same time, she told "Today"'s David Gregory, that she is "with american troops" when she was doing her work, let me say, girl, how about goto street without a bodyguard?
3. She said the administration didn't make mistake, while saying "now its finally the right strategy", so how about before "now"?
4. Blame media, while more than 80 journalists dies, and she herself hide behind the american troops, "bodyguard", is simply shameless.


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