Friday, March 31, 2006

Who really luv Terrorists? Dem or Repu

Carl Rove said Dem has pre-911 mindset, and that makes them wrong. So what he means is "Repu. has post-911 mindset, and that make them right".
My question is 'This so called post-911 mind make republicans right on what?'
If you look at what heppened, you know the answer,, this "post 911 mindset" make republicans right on how to make political gain.
First, altho republicans has "post-911" mind, they apparent did nothing to kill bin laden, who is in nowhere in Iraq.
Second, since they didnt do nothing about Bin Laden, why they talk 911 so much? You must find out already, whenever they did something unlawful or wrong, they put out 911, and attack the people who descenting, accuse them has pre911 mindset, see, whenever they talk about post-911, they get political gain-in expense of people's fear-and actually did nothing to eliminate the terrorists.
Bush said himself that Bin Laden's comment days before the 2004 election helped him geting re-elected. Is there anything more obvious that republicans really luv terrorists coz they help they get political gain at the expense of people's liberty and fear?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

schocking stupid

Just listening to Springer On the Radio. A caller call in to defend the ivasion of iraq, he said:
the war is pre-emptive strike, coz Suddam's friends did 9/11.
when Jerry told him the Suddam had nothing to do with 9/11.
the caller said, Suddam is "Islamic extremist." so he must be dangerous.
Im so shocked that there is ppl so badly educated that looks like he never took any history lesson.
Does he know that "Suddam's government is a secular government", the coz of Iraq-Iran war is just a example about how islamic country (Iran) dislike Suddam. Coz He is SECULAR, NOT ISLAMIC EXTREMIST!
These stupid ppl, does not know nothing about world history, shamelessly produce fake reasons, and they can get away with it, this exactly show how stupid these who believe them are. plz, if you are ignorant, go back home read some history before you make stupid conclusions.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

You must be mentally ill to convert from Islam to Chritianity

Apparently, Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man who converted from Islam to christianity 16 years ago, now facing death sentence, is "Mentally ill". Who are you kidding, so people must be "mentally ill" or have to die? Stupid Hamid Karzai, such a lame trick, do you really think Afghan people are idiots? if they think he is sin, they will kill him by themself, and maybe kill your government, too. This is dangerous, this kind of problem happens, if you want to solve the problem, you need to solve it from constitution, not playing tricks and pray the people will tolerate it.
Maybe Abdul is safe for now, but whos next?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

NBC's Today, on 25th, March

MSNBC reporter report the headline on Today show, she said FBI found Russia gave intelligence about US plan of ivasion to Suddam. Sounds like very bad. But she did not mention the next:
"Russia's msg to Suddam was actually wrong, and helped US troops", This is from NPR, Nobody knows if Russian did this on purpose or what, but This MSNBC's reporter is obviously stupid and did not want audience to judge the whole thing accurately.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Barbara donated to Katrina victims.... or her son?!

Former 1st lady Barbara Bush donated to Houston school, but told them those money can only be used to buy the software from her son(Neil Bush)'s company.
This is a misunderstanding, these money is not "donation", i guess the media is to blame to use the wrong word "donation", since she was just giving money to her son. Only curiosity is why she even bother taking a round trip rather than give money to Neil directly?

Convert from islam to christianity, how dare you?!

A guy from Afganistan converted from islam to christianity 16 years ago, and now he face the death sentence, by government, or by cleric leader.
Now, one problam, this is a democratic government, as US wanted, so how to deal a democratic government who does "barbaric" law? Anyhow, Some ppl in US think "democracy" can cure everything.
And, plz think about Iraq now, looks they have a democratic islamic law also. Congratulations.

Faux News Only

Apparently, VP only like Faux News Channel, anybody still think Faux is fair and unbiased should just pray to devil, since they obviously doesnt know who is god, who is satan.
Document is Here

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Laura Ingraham invite NBC to broadcast from Iraq, Telifa

Telifa, forgive me for my spelling, i might be wrong on it, but this is the city president cited as example that shows the "good situation", I just wonder Ms. Laura Ingraham,(she went to Telifa for a live broadcast of her radio talkshow)
1. Rather than go to a small, un-named, unknow town Telifa, how about goto Bagdad for broadcasting? Bagdad is capital, that should show more "whole picture", right?
2. She kept saying she talk to iraqi alot, and she learn the real situation on the ground, at the same time, she told "Today"'s David Gregory, that she is "with american troops" when she was doing her work, let me say, girl, how about goto street without a bodyguard?
3. She said the administration didn't make mistake, while saying "now its finally the right strategy", so how about before "now"?
4. Blame media, while more than 80 journalists dies, and she herself hide behind the american troops, "bodyguard", is simply shameless.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Iraq War, 3 years later

NPR has a terrific review of what happened in the past 3 years regarding iraq, with recorded voice file from Bush, Rice, Cheney, Powell, etc, its such an great document, everybody should listen and judge by yourself.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

the Situation is

cut tax, give money to top 1% rich people, increase defict
invade iraq, a country with no threat, give chance for NK and Iran to develope Nuke, also increase deficit
cut money for mid-class and low-income people, medicare and school, etc.

PPL, aren't you now understand that if u are not top-rich, don't vote republican!