Thursday, December 01, 2005

About Max Boot

This guy is so ugly, during today's debate on Diane Rehm Show on NPR, he kept interrupting other people's sentences, when Diane told him he had more talking time than other guests, he didn't know to shut up and accuse Diane of partisanship, geesh, i can not believe this stupid shit dare to question Diane, whose career lasting more than 30 years, and whose reputation is extraordinarily good across the country.
The talking points is also absolutely stupid:
he said
Troops worry more about washington's political debate than the suicide bomber. (Subsequently disputed by another guest's REAL poll number from iraq)
Insurgent targets primarily on iraq Shiit, US troops' presence did not encourage the insurgent. Cos "more iraqi died than US troops" (questioned by another guest coz he absolutly ignore the fact that iraqis has absolutly no armor protection)
Allies don't want US pullout and leave iraq unstable (disputed by another guest subsequently with REAL poll number from Allies)
Murtha propsed a immediatly pullout (disputed, and was pointed out the "immediatly pullout was propsed by Republicans," Murtha's proposal is "phase withdraw", not suddenly withdraw)

This guy is such an idiot and kept being an dick, no wonder he can be a doordog for some politicians and conservative idiots.

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