Tuesday, November 01, 2005

William Kristol's lie: US thought Saddam had WMD based on UN report

Liar: William Kristol on freshair of Nov. 1st's broadcasting.
Lie states: US made the conclusion that Iraq had WMD based on UN report.


Just ask yourself:
1. IF UN concluded iraq had WMD, why UN ask US to provide the evidence? why Collin Powell went to UN to show the "proof "?
2. IF UN report Iraq had WMD, why do u think France/Germany/Russia/China have any reason to against US taking action?
3. Plz, Mr. Kristol, can you provide any "UN report" states that Iraq had WMD at time of invasion?

Trick: shameless lie
William Kristol is one of the most notorious liar in news analysis broadcasting, as you can predict, his ideal place to spreading the lie is FAUX news channel. This shameless liar kept creating "fact" from his monkey mind to make story and guess what, he is undercovered al-queada member, lol
Kristol, you are exactly what a devil possessed man is.


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