Friday, September 09, 2005

Lie: equal partisanship in Katrina congressional Investigation committee is "finger pointing"

Lie from : Republican congresional members (NPR news reported in Morning edition of Sept. 9)
Lie claim: Republican need to be majority in congressional Katrina investigation committee, democrat's request of equal number of partisanship in the committee is "fingerpointing"

OK, lets see. We all know Repubs think the local and state is responcible for the failure of aftermath of hurricane katrina (Although i really doubt if they think state of Mississippi and Alabama also need to be blamed, lol, repubs dummi, always forget to blame their own people), and we know democrats want to blame feds, especially FEMA. So, suppose u have 5 repubs and 4 democrats in the committee, well............. you know the results.
What? Repub dummis, what did you say? you say you believe senators and congressmen and congresswomen will carefully check all the facts and make a fair and right decision about who should take most responcibility? Oh, lovely dummis, i think you are from Mars, are you a martian? commo, go back to Mars right now, Earth is way too dangerous for your kind of naive martians, you will finally end up sending all you little money from your wallet to those rich people live in the big houses, and dying in the homeless shelter.

Tricks: well, no trick here, just blatant attack, the theory behind this is "I am always right, even if I am not fair, and you are always wrong, and you are always have bad intension."
Trick breaks at: commo, this is politics, even pigs know that 3 pigs can not fight 4 pigs, number is very important, people just follow their heart, dont think about who is right, who is wrong, make your own decision........ or, go back to Mars.


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